Electrical installation works at the steelworks construction

In 2015, 9 projects in the field of electrical installation were commenced at the construction of a new copper acquisition block at the KGHM steelworks in Głogów. Within the scope of the company’s work, all 9 projects were:

kwadrat assembly of cable routes,
kwadrat laying routes of power and control cables,
kwadrat performance of all required electrical measurements,
kwadrat connection and checking its’ correctness,
kwadrat start-up assistance

Scope of work:
kwadrat 9 projects – electrical installation works

The team implementing the projects numbered about 70 people. Works on this type of object are non-standard works, carried out at high altitudes. Power cables have been routed in previously prepared cable routes at a height of up to 60 m from ground level. It took one year and was successfully completed on time.