Central Control System (CCS) on the spring production line

The task was to design and deliver a fully automated system responsible for precise control of autonomous devices included in the production line:

kwadrat CNC sring winder,
kwadrat hardening furnace
kwadrat mesh transporter,
kwadrat arm of the UR-5 robot,
kwadrat grinding machine,
kwadrat testing machine,
kwadrat engraving device (laser).

Scope of work:
kwadrat development of a new control system for the hardening furnace,
kwadrat delivery and assembly of equipment included in the production line (including Universal Robots UR-5 robot, mechanical system of springs positioning in front of the robot with spring working buffer, conveyor from the furnace to the robot, photoelectric and inductive sensors and cable routes),
kwadrat PLC and HMI software,
kwadrat preparation of electrical documentation in the Eplan P8 program,
kwadrat technical tests and commissioning.

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat LS XBC-DR64H / DC controller (32 inputs for 24VDC inputs and 32 relay outputs, 24VDC power supply, 94ns / step, RS232 and RS485 communication, PID),
kwadrat LS XBL-EMTA communication module (Ethernet module),
kwadrat LS XP90-TTA / AC graphic panel (15 “TFT touch panel – 65,536 colors, 1024 × 768 pixels, 230VAC power supply, Win CE PRO, USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CF Card),
kwadrat LS motor switches,
kwadrat LS contactors,
kwadrat Wieland safety relays,
kwadrat Siemens semiconductor contactors,
kwadrat interface MPI-001-U240-208 relays from Aniro,
kwadrat LS iG5a series frequency inverters.

List of controlled, control and measuring devices:
kwadrat 64 binary signals,
kwadrat 4 analog signals
kwadrat 4 software PID controllers,
kwadrat UR-5 robot arm.