Control of the paper cutter

Modernization of paper cutter control:
kwadrat replacement of the old controller, programming the technological functions,
kwadrat replacement of the old control panel with the new panel
kwadrat replacement of the visualization system
kwadrat execution of SCADA system for archiving and extension of diagnostic functions
kwadrat implementation of control of the work of the winding generator and winding shafts with torque regulation in order to obtain the desired tension of the web during cutting

Scope of work:
kwadrat design,
kwadrat software,
kwadrat system start-up

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat 1 S7-412-2 PN central controller,
kwadrat distributed structure of inputs / outputs on the site – 1 station with PROFINET in the operator’s panel,
kwadrat 1 MP277 touch-screen control terminal,
kwadrat 1 diagnostic station with the Zenon SCADA system,
kwadrat AC, DC drives with encoder cards, controlled via Profibus DP.

List of controlled and measuring devices, control devices:
kwadrat 350 binary signals,
kwadrat 24 analog signals,
kwadrat 1 DC DCS800 DC motor with adjustable speed and encoder feedback,
kwadrat 2 ACS800 AC motors with adjustable revolutions with encoder feedback,
kwadrat 3 motors with direct drive,
kwadrat unwind and winding functions implemented in the PLC,
kwadrat regulation of web tension,
kwadrat 1 ultrasonic diameter measurement.