Dust extraction from wood and board treatment equipment

Dust extraction and dust transporting system for dust burners in the EC:

kwadrat 11 fans with a total power of 380KW,
kwadrat rotation control of all fans and scrolls,
kwadrat analog control of transport air flow velocity in pipes,
kwadrat 3 filters with pressure measurement,
kwadrat 1 dust container with layer measurement and a rotary scraper with hydraulic drive and a wiping screw on the inverter,
kwadrat two-directional screw conveyors with clogging control,
kwadrat transport of dust from tanks to EC by means of two fans operated in parallel regulated by inverters,
kwadrat dust supply and control of 2 dust burners in two EC furnaces,
kwadrat GRECON spark extinguishing system,
kwadrat 6 ppo flaps,
kwadrat dusting operation in 2- WINTER-SUMMER modes (with or without heat recovery).

Scope of work:
kwadrat design,
kwadrat software,
kwadrat commissioning

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat 1 S7-315 2DP central driver,
kwadrat distributed structure of inputs / outputs – 4 stations on PROFIBUS DP,
kwadrat 4 MP270 touch graphic terminals on the PROFIBUS DP network,
kwadrat communication – PROFIBUS DP,
kwadrat 2 stations with a dust collection and visualization system for the dust and WinCC burner operation.

List of controlled and measuring devices, control devices:
kwadrat 210 binary signals,
kwadrat 31 analog signals,
kwadrat 5 motors with adjustable speed inverter,
kwadrat 3 right-left engines,
kwadrat 9 motors with softstarter or D / Y start, 
kwadrat 7 level measurements,
kwadrat 4 motors with direct start,\
kwadrat 3 pressure measurement systems,
kwadrat 3 air flow speed measurement systems,
kwadrat 2 temperature measurement systems in furnaces,
kwadrat 9 current measurement systems,
kwadrat cooperation with the Grecon fire brigade.