Glass veil production line

The technological line implements the production process of glass veil:

kwadrat pouring a binder,
kwadrat transport of the veil through the sections of pickup, binder, drying, crushing, tensioning at preset speeds, 
kwadrat winding the product on a two-spindle winder according to the given characteristics,

Scope of work:
kwadrat design,
kwadrat software,
kwadrat commissioning.

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat 1 Premium Schneider central driver, 2 Micro Schneider object controllers,
kwadrat 2 graphic and 1 text terminals from the Xnert Schneider family,
kwadrat PROFIBUS DP communication, Unitelway, CANBUS,

List of controlled, measuring and control devices:
kwadrat 180 binary signals,
kwadrat 20 analog signals,
kwadrat 3 software PID controllers,
kwadrat 8 servo motors with adjustable revolutions,
kwadrat 12 motors with direct drive,
kwadrat 2 isotopic veil thickness measurement systems,
kwadrat 2 tensometric systems for measuring the veil tension,
kwadrat 1 compensator measuring system (tänzer).