Implementation of software for the Kawasaki robot on the LK1 board palletization line

The task included the implementation of the software for the Kawasaki CP300L robot with the E03 controller, for palletizing boards on pallets. The palletizing program took into account the possibility of choosing the number of layers, the way and the place of laying the layer relative to the pallet (pallets of various dimensions). Parameterization took place from the level of the HMI control system, via the PLC <> Robot interface. The palletizing program has been prepared so that the time of the single plate assembly cycle is as short as possible (maximum 10 sec). The robot software also included work area protection and support for 2 different grippers.

Scope of work:
kwadrat preparation and commissioning of Kawasaki CP300L robot software with E03 controller (plus Profibus DP card for communication) for the LK1 board palletization facility.

PLC controllers, communication and visualization systems used:
kwadrat Siemens S7 – 300 (317),
kwadrat ProfiBus,
kwadrat Profinet,
kwadrat Siemens WinCC.

List of controlled, control and measuring devices:
kwadrat Kawasaki CP 300L robot.