Modular PET bottles production machine

The machine realizes fully automated production of PET bottles:
kwadrat transport of preforms from the tray to modules,
kwadrat feeding preforms to transport trolleys,
kwadrat preform heating in 9 zones with function of automatic adjustment of temperature,
kwadrat preform blowing,
kwadrat feeding bottles to the pneumatic transport system, 
kwadrat visualization and full diagnostics of all control and execution systems on the graphic terminal.

Scope of work:
kwadrat design,
kwadrat software,
kwadrat commissioning

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat 3 B & R series 2003 controllers,
kwadrat PROVIT B & R graphic terminal,
kwadrat CANBUS communication.

List of controlled and measuring devices, control devices:
kwadrat 140 binary signals,
kwadrat 36 analog signals,
kwadrat 6 engines with adjustable speed,
kwadrat 21 motors with direct drive,
kwadrat 50 solenoid valves.