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ISO 9001:2015



INbox: A column, intended for charging related to small electromobility, among others: such means of transport like scooters, bicycles or electric motor scooters, where low power and 1-phase power supply are required. Such columns are made of durable aluminium sections of any colour and design. INbox is capable of loading up to 8 connected devices at the same time.

kwadrat  INbox M: The column is used for loading multimedia equipment (phones, tablets) in a traditional manner via USB ports and through induction charging. Ideal for marketing and advertising purposes, outdoors or inside a building. The housing allows for optional branding and sticking a graphics on it.

kwadrat  INbox H: INbox H column combines functionality of INbox and INbox M, allowing for electromobility and multimedia equipment charging. Ideal solution for places where we want to hire an electric bicycle and charge our phone at the same time.

kwadrat  INbox W: Column for energy and media distribution for yachts and boats. Intended for installation in marinas and yacht ports of different sizes. The column supplies necessary electric energy and potable water to vessels during their stoppage. Aluminium housing is covered with a layer of protective lacquer and resistant to moisture and sunlight. Durable and light construction allows for easy installation on platforms (made of wood, concrete  or metal).

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