Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015

EVB max DC

EVB max DC charging station is a super-fast DC charging station – „supercharger”, equipped with 1 to 4 points for DC and AC charging. This station allows for the choice of charging point type: DC charging cable with CCS-2 plug, power capacity 50, 100, 150kW; DC charging cable with CHAdeMO plug, power capacity 25, 50kW; type 2 AC socket, power capacity 22 kW, 43 kW or AC charging cable with type 2 plug, power capacity 22 kW, 43 kW. Total power of the station can reach up to 250 kW.

EVB max DC can charge an electric car within several dozen minutes. It is a great time saving for those users of Polish roads, who a planning only a short stop. The length of DC cables reaches 7 meters, while the AC cables are up to 5 meters long.

Sockets and plugs can be used in any configuration. Furthermore, the structure of the whole station is made of high-quality aluminium sections. Parts made of hardened glass have also been installed. This material is an excellent medium for any arrangements and big-format advertising labels. The housing is made of aluminium covered with multicoloured lacquer or plastic for class II protection (REM2 technology), ensuring safe use.

This station is characterised by high-quality workmanship, modern shape and optional design. Simple operation of the station requires an RFID card, RFID Smart Control OS, key, code or mobile phone application, connecting the user with the station and with the system used by the operator who administers the infrastructure.

EVB max DC station is installed on a previously settled, dedicated concrete slab or foundation. All the parameters and equipment are selected individually.

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