L7NH Series

The L7NH series servo drives are the most advanced in the LSIS offer. They are designed for the most advanced multi-axis applications. Built-in EtherCat communication, safety torque off (STO) and a large number of inputs / outputs make the device a functional and flexible solution for demanding users. The compact size and the possibility of installing side by side guarantee space saving. Servo amplifiers series L7NH also work with servo motors of other manufacturers.

kwadrat  power range: 0.1 – 15KW,
kwadrat  power supply: 1x230VAC (up to 1KW); 3x400VAC (from 1KW to 15KW),
kwadrat  built-in EtherCat communication (support up to 64 axes), 
kwadrat  built-in transistor and braking resistor,
kwadrat  the ability to transfer CoE, EoE, FoE data,
kwadrat  16-bit communication bus,
kwadrat  USB communication with PC,
kwadrat  Drive CM software,
kwadrat  STO (safety torque off),
kwadrat  torque mode, speed, position, cyclical, synchronous,
kwadrat  Ambient temperature up to 50 ° C.