iS7 Series

Versatile, has complex algorithms, which ensure high work parameters and application’s precision. iS7 is a new generation of inverters
for very demanding applications and responsible control systems.

kwadrat rated powers from 0.75kW to 375kW
kwadrat LCD keyboard and display
kwadrat the ability to read up to 4 parameters simultaneously
kwadrat the possibility of constant and variable torque control
kwadrat feedback control with an encoder
kwadrat a series of external I / O cards and a PLC card
kwadrat Easy Start function

More information about the iS7 Series

At first glance, the distinctive features of IS7 are very good workmanship, solidly embedded cooling radiator, built-in RS-485 port with Modbus RTU protocol, friendly
in use and an intuitive control keyboard. Despite the huge number of available functions, control modes, the IS7 parameterization itself is very simple. For less experienced users, the manufacturer offers a parameterization assistant that is activated during the first commissioning and guides the user step by step through the parameter matrix for basic drive configuration. In more sophisticated applications, the user must use a series of applied parameters, setting them manually.
The drive is standard, equipped with:

kwadrat  Integrated EMC input filter conforming to IEC / EN 61800-3, environment 1, with a switch for IT networks.
kwadrat  Built-in reactor in DC circuit reducing THD, insulation class F (155 ° C).
kwadrat  Integrated braking (chopper) module (up to 22KW power).
kwadrat  Double-coated electronics boards (stable operation in harsh environmental conditions).
kwadrat  Oversized power modules (IGBT) and capacitors (resistance to large overloads: 150% In for 60 seconds, 200% In for 3 seconds).

The inverter offers four control modes:
kwadrat  Standard scalar U / f ratio (with and without slip compensation, the ability to create your own U / f curve, initial power boost, U / f quadrature, U / f linear).
kwadrat  U / f control in a closed loop.
kwadrat  Open loop vector control (two different algorithms available, 150% torque at 0.1 Hz).
kwadrat  Sensor vector control (up to 250% of the starting torque).

Additionally, depending on the needs, it is possible to select the work with torque or speed control (torque or speed control, switchable via digital signal given to the DI input). The inverter is manufactured in the power ranges: 0.75 – 375KW.

Models and specification:

Selection of the iS7 inverter depending on the application:

Parameters and main functions:

The inverter, even in the basic configuration, allows operating of numerous applications. However, not everyone requires versatility from their inverter, because it significantly affects the price of the device. Therefore, the manufacturer offers numerous expansion cards and inverter software versions, which in combination with the basic IS7 unit can create various, sometimes specialized versions of the IS7 inverter:

1. Application extension cards:
kwadrat  PLC card: supports local applications built around the drive. It allows you to perform bitwise and arithmetic operations. The card was built on the basis of the Master K-120S platform. Free KGL Win programming software.
kwadrat  Encoder card: cooperation with incremental encoders, supply voltage 5; 12; 15VDC, LineDriver; OpenCollector; Totem pole.
kwadrat  Additional I / O card: allows you to expand numerous digital and analog inputs / outputs.
kwadrat  Synchro card: cooperation with incremental encoders, speed / position synchronization, up to 15 slave drives controlled by the master drive.
kwadrat  Synchro card: cooperation with incremental encoders, speed / position synchronization, up to 15 slave drives controlled by the master drive.

2. Communication expansion cards:
kwadrat  Communication card Profibus-DP, Ethernet, LonWorks, DeviceNet, CanOpen, R-Net, CC-Link, Profinet.

3. Available software versions (not available in the standard version):
kwadrat  The standard version of the software: after installing additional expansion cards, in the inverter’s memory, the set of additional parameters associated with the given extension card appear.
kwadrat  WEB IS7 version – Changing, winding, unwinding in various configurations:
kwadrat  Operation in the open and closed control loop (overhang, stress, encoder) in torque or speed mode, automatic conversion of rolling stock diameter, automatic rolling stock change function, cutting and gluing function of the rewound medium, and much, much more.
kwadrat IS7 1000Hz version (for high-speed drives – U / f control).
kwadrat IS7 1000Hz version (for high-speed drives – U / f control).
Version with DNV marine certification is also available when requested. This type of IS7 inverter has a completely different construction of both power circuits and the housing itself.

To program the IS7 inverter as a standard we use the multilingual LCD display. For more demanding users, ANIRO Sp. ZOO. offers completely free “DriveView” software, thanks to which we can easily connect your computer to a given inverter via the RS-485 port or Ethernet (Ethernet available via the optional communication card). “DriveView” allows full, remote configuration of the device, its monitoring, drawing trends, exporting important data from the SUR point of view or an ordinary user.
For even more demanding customers, we offer free software for Smartphones with an android application called “Ac Monitoring Drive”. The software gives the opportunity to view the current state of the inverter, review the parameters, view the current state of inputs / outputs, draw trends and graphs. Access to the inverter is possible from anywhere in the world via Ethernet. An interesting solution is also created by a specially prepared application for the HMI XP 40 panel (touch, color, 7 “), by means of which parameterization and status control of the inverter is possible. The panel connects to the inverter by means of Modbus RTU bus (up to 32 inverters managed by one panel).
The above available software versions and numerous expansion cards make the IS7 inverter a powerful application tool. Without a doubt, this is an interesting alternative to the numerous drive units available on the market. Particularly significant profits may be derived from the ordinary user who has the possibility of complete unification of the drive units
around production plants or HVAC systems. Due to the possibility of handling variable torque loads, IS7 converters are great for a variety of water and sewage and ventilation applications. Especially in the latter, the firemode function, which occurs in the standard version of the inverter, is useful. For pump systems, IS7 offers dedicated cascade and sequential control functions (including PID control, energy saving function, sleep function). For HVAC applications located in a demanding environment, a version with IP54 protection (up to 22KW) is available. Versatility, flexibility and freedom of IS7 configuration allow you to purchase one series of frequency converter for a variety of tasks. The benefits of such a solution are at least a few:

kwadrat  Easy to build a spare parts warehouse.
kwadrat  Unification of drive units.
kwadrat  Easy to use from the operator’s point of view – one inverter, implementing numerous applications (no need for numerous additional trainings, habits, contact with one supplier’s technical support).
kwadrat  Reliability and availability – ANIRO company has a huge warehouse of its products in the entire power range: 0.75 – 375 KW.
kwadrat  One supplier’s service, available throughout the country.

The operation reliability of the inverter is guaranteed by a number of protection functions implemented in the basic device configuration. Particular attention should be directed to related functions
with temporary power outage or lack of power supply:

kwadrat  Phase Control Sensor with the possibility of automatic restart after detection of power failure.
kwadrat  Speed Search – taking over the rotating inertia after power failure or power failure.
kwadrat  KEB – buffering back energy flowing from the engine, during regenerative operation, during power failure or power failure.


The variety of implemented functions and uncomplicated handling make the IS7 inverters have a wide range of applications, while maintaining a reasonable value for money. This is an excellent compromise between versatility, price and flexibility in majority of the most popular industrial applications.