Medium Voltage frequency inverters

Built with an innovative construction consisting of a modular cascade structure of individual phases supplying the electric motor. Thanks to this, the drive bay of the drive cabinet is powered with low voltage.kwadrat  napięcie znamionowe 3, 6 i 10kV

kwadrat  rated power of engines up to 6.2MW
kwadrat  cascade construction with a sinusoidal output voltage  
kwadrat  high efficiency of the converter up to 98.5%
kwadrat  connections between the CPU and the modules realized by means of optical fiber
kwadrat  extensive diagnostic functions, event acquisition and failure system on the panel
kwadrat  built-in multi-winding input transformer powering individual power modules
kwadrat  the drive is not sensitive to short-term voltage decays (dips)
kwadrat  no need for shielded cables