G100 series

G100 inverter is a universal tool for most applications existing on the market. Three-phase powered, available power from 0,4KW – 7,5KW (11KW-22KW power available in 2021) and IP20 protection rating. Built-in potentiometer, DIN rail installation and simple adjustment of parameters significantly shorten the process of installation and starting up.

kwadrat  rated power, 3x400VAC: 0,4KW – 7,5KW (11-22KW in 2021)
kwadrat  built-in potentiometer and EMC C3 filter
kwadrat  built-in braking module
kwadrat  DIN rail installation
kwadrat   installation: one next to the other
kwadrat   improved sensorless field vector control
kwadrat  “Dual Rating” selection method