Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015


iG5A Series 

Drive with sensorless vector control, equipped with many additional functions, that can be used in many difficult applications.

kwadrat  1-phase and 3-phase power supply 3x230V and 3x400V
kwadrat  Rated power from 0.4kW to 22kW
kwadrat  option of an external keyboard
kwadrat  built-in braking module and Modbus communication
kwadrat  analog input -10 .. + 10V / 0-10V and 4-20mA
kwadrat  the ability to control the signal -10 … + 10V
kwadrat  many ways to control the speed of the engine

More information about the iG5A series


The iG5A series is available in two versions: with single-phase power supply and with three-phase power supply. It covers the engine power range from 0.4KW to 22KW. As standard, the inverter is equipped with a C4 category EMC filter, a braking module and an integrated user interface in the form of a control panel. The presence of many dedicated functions and a great value for money is an excellent value. The iG5A drive is an economical, reliable and flexible solution for most applications. As an option, there is an external keyboard with a cable that can be installed on the facade of cabinets or control cabinets. IG5A is largely reminiscent of the iC5 series in terms of distribution and number of parameters. The parameters are distributed in four transparent groups. For the basic operation it is enough to implement, as in the iC5 series, five basic parameters. Due to the presence of a built-in braking module, the drive is ideally suited where dynamic braking or short stopping time of the drive is required. This model is also available in a special version, with an output frequency up to 1000 Hz (CNC spindles).

Parameters and main functions: 

The iG5A inverter has many dedicated application functions. The main advantage of the converter is its versatility, flexibility and general purpose. And so, due to the dedicated functions, it is possible to operate the engine brake, especially important in applications such as: elevators, lifts, overhead cranes. The built-in rewinder calculator allows you to build simple rewinding and winding systems. Simple to operate PID control gives the possibility to regulate many processes. Main product features:

kwadrat Available in single-phase (0.4-1,5KW) and three-phase (0.4KW – 22KW) power supplies.
kwadrat V / f control algorithm and sensorless vector.
kwadrat Motor autotuning function.
kwadrat High start torque.
kwadrat   Brake function.
kwadrat The rewinder calculator function.
kwadrat Built-in braking module and EMC C4 filter.
kwadrat PID controller for process control.
kwadrat Freely programmable inputs / outputs (up to 8 digital inputs).
kwadrat Controlling inputs in the NPN and PNP standards.
kwadrat Built-in full engine security package.
kwadrat The speed search function.
kwadrat KEB (kinetic energy buffering) function.
kwadrat Automatic work.
kwadrat Up / down and motopotentiometer control.
kwadrat Forcing manual and automatic torque. 
kwadrat Built-in Modbus RTU communication.
kwadrat Available, optional control keyboard (removable).

Models & specs:

Terminal strip connections- view:


The iG5A series inverter has a universal purpose and can be used in many applications: pumps and fans,conveyors, mills and mixers, crushers, centrifuges, presses, spindles, overhead cranes, and many more. The iG5A series is the most economical drive solution with wide application possibilities.