ISO 9001:2015

M100 Series

The new micro series drive (M – micro). The motto of the new series is: “Simplicity and time saving”. The M100 series is intended to replace the popular iC5. The inverter is available in single-phase version up to 2.2 kW. The inverter’s purpose is simple and undemanding applications, such as fan drives, pumps, conveyor belts. The device was designed and leveled for the needs of the ventilation market. The inverter has many distinguishing improvements comparing to the iC5 series:

kwadrat  built-in EMC C2 filter,
kwadrat  friendly desing:
– DIN rail mounting,
– bookshelf installation (side by side),
– RJ45 input (Modbus / Smart Copier / keyboard / DriveView 7),
kwadrat  UL 61800-5-1 (compliant with the latest standards),
kwadrat  built-in braking module ≥ 1.5kW,
kwadrat  Modbus communication.