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ISO 9001:2015

iXP2 series

Up-to-date, functional, user-friendly panel from a new iXP2 series will satisfy the needs of the most  demanding system applicators or integrators. iXP2 series is also available as an eX, explosion-proof version.

kwadrat  size of available screens: 8.4’’ to 15’’
kwadrat  memory: 1GB
kwadrat  built-in miniUSB port on the panel front, used for programming
kwadrat  four communications ports: RS232, 1xRS422/485, 1xEthernet 10/100, 1xEthernet 100/1000
kwadrat  support for RTC, logging in, alarms and prescriptions,
kwadrat  gesture recognition (screen drawing),
kwadrat  multi-touch,
kwadrat  HDMI output,
kwadrat  audio output for headphones,
kwadrat  multimedia handling (video),
kwadrat  capacitive touch screen,
kwadrat  aluminium frame made of high-quality alloys (IP66, NEMA, 4X).

iXP2 panels can be successfully used in every branch of industry. Workmanship and use of materials, i.e. aluminium housing, capacitive touch screen covered with tempered glass, allowed for fulfilling the NEMA 4X standard and for IECEx, ATEX and KCs certification.

These panels can be used outside or inside the buildings. They are protected from dust carried by wind and rain, water splashing, water streams and corrosion. They are also resistant to damage caused by ice-formation outside the cubicle. Under the tempered glass, the LS company used up-to-date matrix characterised by resolution of 1024×768 and 16,7 millions of colours, with LED lighting.

The panels are available in the following sizes: 8,4”, 10,4”, 12,1” and 15”.

The heart of the panels is a dual-core processor using a 1GHz clock signal. Its capacity ensures very fast communication, data processing and handling many innovative functions, until now known from mobile devices. These functions are as follows: multi-touch, gesture recognition, dual screen and portrait mode, significantly facilitating the navigation and operation.