ISO 9001:2015

przekazniki LS

LS DC relays

HVDC relays are intended for supplying and cutting off the DC power by opening and closing a moving contact. Arc discharge, appearing after cutting off the DC power supply may cause damage to contacts and surrounding parts, so the arc should be extinguished as quickly as possible.

HVDC relay, used in an electric vehicle, is installed between the vehicle’s battery and the frequency inverter, to cut off the battery loading and unloading DC currents. It is also used between the external loader and the vehicle’s battery. Used products come from series of relays (GER) characterised by rated DC voltage of 450 V and rated current of 10 A ~ 400 A.

LS develops the mass production of its series: GPR-M (DC 1000 V class) and GPR-H (DC 1500 V class). Generally, the higher the rated voltage, the bigger the size of a product, to ensure proper insulation. However, the GPR-M (1000 V) series is produced in the same size like GER (DC 450 V) series, improving the use of space by the customers. GPR-M and GPR-H series are equipped with the same hydrogen barrier, just like the GER series.
GPR-H series is characterised by rated voltage of DC 1500 V, 500 A, and is equipped with an auxiliary contact. This series has UL and IEC certificates. Another advantage of the GPR-H series is possibility of using in a system where two-way blocking may take place, for example: back blocking or loading / unloading of the system, thanks to the application of a two-way magnetic structure for arc extinguishing.

These relays can be also used in photovoltaics, where the HVDC relay switches the solar modules on / off in PV systems.

kwadrat  excellent electric durability
kwadrat  compact sizes
kwadrat  low level of noise
kwadrat  contains a permanent magnet and hydrogen for optimum arc extinguishing