XBC/XEC (XGB) compact series



The SLIM module subfamily is the first generation of devices for industrial automation created by the SFAR company. Their characteristic feature is the small width, which takes up very little space on the DIN rail, while offering a large number of input / output signals.

Basic parameters:
kwadrat  narrow type – only 30 mm wide of the control unit
kwadrat  processing speed 160 ns / step
kwadrat  up to 256 I / O points
kwadrat  up to 7 extension modules (including two communication modules)
kwadrat  built-in RS-232C / RS-485 communication (2 channels)
kwadrat  built-in high-speed counters (HSC)


PLC Ekonomiczny (E)


The economy series (E) is a good alternative to small control systems that support up to 38 I / O points. The extension of these controllers are possible through the use of up to 2 plug-in modules from the front to the central unit. These controllers have a built-in RS232 and RS485 port (1 channel). They provide support for high-speed counters with frequencies up to 4kHz, and processing speed of operations is 240ns / step. The power supply for the controllers is 100 ÷ 230VAC. The XBC- (LD / IL) and XEC- (SFC, ST, LD) units are available, differing only in the programming language. The XG5000 software is available free of charge.

PLC, Standard


Standard series (S) is intended for use in small and medium automation installations. As the only available driver, it can be expanded with front-mounted modules and side-mounted modules (up to 7 modules). The maximum driver can handle up to 284 I / O points. It has built-in RS-232C / RS-485 communication (2 channels). Supports up to 6 high speed counters (HSC) with a frequency of 20 kHz or up to 2 channels with a frequency up to 100 kHz. Built-in positioning function – linear interpolation in 2 axes and 16 independent PID loops and many other functions.

High Performence

The High Performance (H) series is tailored for applications where we want to handle more I / Os (up to 384). It is possible to expand up to 10 modules (analog, digital, communication, positioning, etc.). This series of controllers has a built-in real-time clock, supports, among others, floating point operations, 16 loops of the PID controller. It has a large program memory (15 thousand steps). There units are available with 230VAC and 24VDC power supply. Programming executes IEC standard.



The ULTRA (U) series has two Ethernet ports built in that can act as a switch.
The maximum number of connected inputs / outputs is 352 I / O points using up to 10 expansion modules. As the only series of controllers I support EtherCAT type communication. These units have a built-in real-time clock (RTC), an SD memory card slot with the ability to log data. Models are available with an integrated analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter and positioning functions in many axes, many interpolation algorithms. They have a large program memory of 30,000. steps.

          Modular XGK/XGI/XGR (XGT) series 


The XGK series of controllers is programmed in the ladder LD language and in the list of IL instructions with the possibility of creating function blocks. The highest computing speed of the CPU is 28ns / step, providing performance that allows the implementation of complex processing algorithms. The controllers can handle up to 6,144 configurable I / O points (32,768 points available thanks to remote I / O). XGK controllers are prepared for handling complex industrial processes through a larger program memory, which allows for the preparation of a more comprehensive code that implements complex algorithms.



XGI series controllers are mainly characterized by the possibility of programming in the IEC 61131-3 standard, i.e. the use of LD (ladder) languages, SFC (Sequential graphic language), ST (Structural). The user-defined FB (Functional Blocks) are available. The offer includes a wide range of available processor variants giving the ability to handle up to 6144 I / O points, in a distributed system up to 131.072 I / O points, and the program memory is up to 1MB. These drivers can support medium and advanced applications in which high reliability and reliability of the control system is required.



The XGR series is a system of redundant controllers in which the automation process can not be interrupted in any way. The CPU synchronization is done by means of a fiber optic connection. The total program capacity is 25MB, including 7MB program, 2MB data, Flash 16MB. The switching speed is from 4.3ms to max 22ms. The system is based on an annular configuration to prevent a line break, provides monitoring of the network, protocol and error channel using flags. Programming is carried out using the language in the IEC 61131-3 standard (LD, ST, SFC, IL).