ISO 9001:2015

XGI Series

XGI controllers, similarly to XGK, are intended for operating complex industrial processes, thanks to the use of fast CPU processors with large program memory, allowing for building complex applications, accomplishing complicated algorithms, where high level of safeness and reliability of the control system operation is required. XGI controllers are characterised mainly by the possibility of programming according to the IEC 61131-3 standard, which means using the following types of languages: LD (ladder diagram), SFC (sequential function chart), ST (structural text). User-defined FB (functional blocks) are available.

kwadrat  speed from 8,5ns/step,
kwadrat  memory up to 2MB,
kwadrat  communication – RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet
kwadrat  maximum I/O expansion possibilities – 131 072 points,
kwadrat  expansion – 96 expansion modules (7 clusters, 12 modules per cluster) – I/O, communication, special,
kwadrat  power supply: 24VDC or 230VAC