Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015

Active LKD 5, 10, 25 compensators

The family of dynamic compensators designed for compensating inductive and capacitive reactive power with an additional function for compensating the distortion power meets the present needs related to power supply quality. Presented solution allows for low-loss compensation of reactive power. Appropriate choice of options makes it possible to compensate a selected harmonic component. The compensators are widely used, for example exchanging the conventional banks of capacitors and reactors, rising the standards by filtering the higher harmonic components. We obtained a great reduction of self-losses of a compensating system, and lowered the level of apparent power, still reducing the costs of electric energy. Thanks to the use of dynamic compensator we obtain improved power supply quality, active compensation of reactive power, load balance and longer service life of equipment connected to the grid with a filter. The use of dynamic compensator is directly related to significant reduction of payments for the reactive energy.