Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015

LRM001 and LRM002 reactive power regulators


kwadrat  compensation of inductive reactive power: co-operates with capacitive and inductive stages,
kwadrat  compensation in grids with balanced and unbalanced load (LMR001) – single- or three-phase measurement, and controlling the single- and/or three-phase components,
kwadrat  displaying the cosφ factor and Power Factor values,
kwadrat  idle running compensation function,
kwadrat  reactive power offset function,
kwadrat  algorithm for equal use of stages (LMR001),
kwadrat  possibility of optional programming the type and power of individual outputs,
kwadrat  fast algorithms for reaching the preset cosφ factor,
kwadrat  individually preset times for unloading (blockade) the stages