Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015

Emotron M20

torque measuring shaft

Emotron M20 motor output torque meter ensures full flexibility related to the type of protection required for your project. You can choose protection against overload and underload, or simply overload with initial alarm or underload with initial alarm.

M20 takes measurements of shaft power, so the motor plays a role of a sensor. As a result the Emotron M20 protects the pumps and other equipment against damage and shutdowns. Early warnings allow for undertaking the preventive actions, thus lowering the costs of maintenance and increasing reliability. The use of motor as a sensor lowers the costs of installation.

kwadrat  motor shaft power monitoring
kwadrat  present power shown on the display
kwadrat  overload protection
kwadrat  underload protection
kwadrat  possibility of setting the warning levels to be used before the protection operates
kwadrat  possibility of correcting the operation of the system using the analog output
kwadrat  simple and fast parameter setting