Universal Robots

Advantages of UR robots:

kwadrat fast configuration – the average time to complete a full configuration is just half a day

kwadrat flexible deployment – UR robots are lightweight and can be easily moved and deployed to implement new processes

kwadrat easy programming – operators without programming experience can quickly program robotic arms thanks to a patented, intuitive 3D visualization

kwadrat safety of use – UR robots can work with the employee right next to them, because they have built-in force sensors that automatically stop the robot when it encounters an obstacle in its path

kwadrat quick return on investment – the cost of buying a robot returns on average after 195 days of work

UR3 Type

The smallest UR robot- table top – ideal for light assembly tasks that require perfect precision. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation in all joints and the infinite rotation in the final joint, the UR3 is the most flexible and versatile.

kwadrat  automates tasks up to 3 kg gross

kwadrat  Radius of 500 mm

UR5 Type

A bit larger model than the previous one – ideal for automating light tasks such as lifting, placing and testing. Easy to program and configure.

kwadrat  automates tasks up to 5 kg gross

kwadrat  radius of 850 mm

UR10 Type

The largest robotic arm offered by UR, with the highest payload, but it does not mean that it lacks precision. It is especially useful during eg packing, palletizing, assembly, lifting and placing.

kwadrat  automates tasks up to 10 kg gross

kwadrat  radius of 1300 mm