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LS control panels – iXP2 series

LSIS has introduced a new series of control panels to the market. The iXP2 series is dedicated to all solutions that require the highest quality devices and innovative functionality. Panels can be successfully used in any industry. The quality of workmanship and the use of quality materials, i.e. aluminum casing, capacitive touch screen covered with […]

LS servo drives

The ANIRO offer includes now two new LS servo drives series: L7C and L7NH. Both series will meet the needs of most servo users and cover the vast majority of available applications on the market. The L7C series is dedicated to simple applications (indexer, pulse, I / O control), while the L7NH series with built-in […]


Poznaj zrealizowane usługi inżynierskie u naszych Klientów

Control system of paper machine drives

Modernization of the entire MP2 paper machine drive:  replacement of existing old DC drives,  replacement of an existing controller, programming the software of the technological functions,  replacement of operator panels on the site,  replacement of the visualization system,  implementation of 24 drives control in master-slave mode with concurrent angles and in master-follower mode with load [...]

Control of the paper cutter

Modernization of paper cutter control: replacement of the old controller, programming the technological functions, replacement of the old control panel with the new panel replacement of the visualization system execution of SCADA system for archiving and extension of diagnostic functions  implementation of control of the work of the winding generator and winding shafts with torque [...]




New Frequency Inverter Configurator in the ANIRO Catalog

We are pleased to introduce our latest LS Electric frequency inverter configurator. This intuitive tool is now available in our online application in the ANIRO Catalog. Intuitive application for inverter selection!If you’re looking for a more comfortable solution, we invite you to try our dedicated LS Electric inverter selection application. This app allows you to […]

Forbes Diamond 2023 for ANIRO

We are pleased to inform you that ANIRO was among the winners of the prestigious ranking: Forbes Diamonds 2023.     This is an annual title for companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last 3 years. In order to gain a prestigious distinction and be included in the ranking of winners […]