LS control panels – iXP2 series

LSIS has introduced a new series of control panels to the market. The iXP2 series is dedicated to all solutions that require the highest quality devices and innovative functionality. Panels can be successfully used in any industry. The quality of workmanship and the use of quality materials, i.e. aluminum casing, capacitive touch screen covered with […]

LS servo drives

The ANIRO offer includes now two new LS servo drives series: L7C and L7NH. Both series will meet the needs of most servo users and cover the vast majority of available applications on the market. The L7C series is dedicated to simple applications (indexer, pulse, I / O control), while the L7NH series with built-in […]


Kibicuj z ANIRO – pobierz terminarz Euro 2020!

Trwa turniej Euro 2020, a już dziś pierwszy mecz naszej reprezentacji. Dla wszystkich kibiców przygotowaliśmy terminarz spotkań do pobrania.

Drive View 9

The updated and improved and version of Drive View 9.0 allows users to easily manage LS drives (except for the IC5, IE5 series) via PC / Laptop.Drive View 9.0 connection with the PC is performed using the RS-485 and the Modbus RTU protocol.