Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015



After accepting the concept, ANIRO engineers start preparing technical designs. At each stage of the task, the ANIRO team reports the progress of their work and cares for material contact with the client.

The scope of complete electrical documentation includes:

kwadrat  development of ideological diagrams,
kwadrat  generating material lists of electrical devices,
kwadrat  preparation of views of mounting plates and elevations,
kwadrat  preparation of the topology of communication networks,
kwadrat  generating views and addressing PLC controllers, 
kwadrat  generating inspection lists of cables and connecting strips,
kwadrat  generating an assembly diagram of external devices.

We also offer:

kwadrat  preparation of electrical documentation using the EPLAN electrical design support system,
kwadrat  the possibility of preparing documentation in accordance with the structure and rules defined by the DIN standard.