ISO 9001:2015


iE5 Series


This is the perfect solution for small machines in which
dimensions and functionality play a very important role.
It is characterized by an extremely simple configuration
and is dedicated to any applications related
with the integration of small systems.

kwadrat  rated powers: 0.1; 0.2 and 0.4 kW 1-phase power supply
kwadrat  very small dimensions
kwadrat  built-in Modbus communication
kwadrat  analog input 0-10V or 4-20mA
kwadrat  control method: U / f
kwadrat  built-in PID control

More information about the IE5 series


The iE5 innverter is available for 0.1 to 0.4KW motors, single-phase version. The enclosure protection rating is IP20. A potentiometer is located on the device itself, which allows precise speed control and significantly reduces the start-up time. Placement of the input / output terminals makes assembly even easier
and makes the drive flexible in terms of mounting location and orientation.

Models and specification:

modele i specyfikacja 1 ie5

modele i specyfikacja 2 ie5

Parameters and main functions:

The iE5 drive has less than ninety parameters, divided into two basic groups. A distinctive feature of the device is the potential ease and speed of programming. Setting only five parameters allows basic operation of the device. This makes it possible for even inexperienced or novice users to operate this device.

kwadrat  step frequencies for precise control of speed;
kwadrat  flying start function, taking over rotating inertia during movement;
kwadrat  U / f control algorithm with linear and squared curve for pumps and fans;
kwadrat  Resonance frequency bypass function;
kwadrat  built-in PID controller for process regulation;
kwadrat  5 freely configurable digital inputs (24 functions available);
kwadrat  analog output in voltage standard;
kwadrat  three-wire control (3 – wire) and motopotentiometer function;
kwadrat  manual and automatic torque boost;
kwadrat  very high torque 150% at just 0.5 Hz;
kwadrat  extremely compact overall dimensions: 68x128x85 [mm];
kwadrat  digital inputs in the NPN and PNP standards;
kwadrat  built-in Modbus RTU communication;
kwadrat  full motor protection package: overload, short circuit, stall, grounding, over and under voltage;
kwadrat  high overload 150% / 60 seconds in a cycle every 10 minutes;
kwadrat  automatic operation;
kwadrat  DC braking;


schemat podłączenia ie5


The iE5 series frequency inverter is a perfect solution for applications where dimensions play an important role.Tailored to all machine integration related drive solutions. It also works well in home applications, such as: automatic gates, jacuzzi, fountains etc.