CX Series

A series of robots with a light construction and a hollow wrist. The universal controller allows the robot to be used in various applications – from transfering to welding.

kwadrat  range up to 2699 mm
kwadrat  lifting capacity from 110 to 210 kg
kwadrat  integrated wires routed inside the arm


MC/MS series – pharmaceutical industry robots

The device meets strict standards of cleanliness, and allows fast, safe and reliable work in clean environment. These robots are dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.


W-duAro Series

The robots of this series have two arms, they are adapted to work on processes that were carried out manually. The device can co-work with people.

seria R

R Series

The new family of industrial robots is a successor of the popular F series. The first representative of this series is the RS20N robot equipped with the E40 controller.

kwadrat  6-axis
kwadrat  lifting capacity from 3 to 80 kg
kwadrat  range from 620 to 2100 mm
kwadrat  increased operational speed