Light Industry


The visualization system of the production hall and machines working on it ensures:


kwadrat visualization of the production hall and hydrophore station

kwadrat acquisition of process data from 23 extrusion lines of floor profiles, 

kwadrat acquisition of hydrophores’ statuses and operating parameters,

kwadrat program panel for handling inventory,

kwadrat archiving data with current access to the history,

kwadrat the option of using visualization in many places at the same time,

kwadrat visualization of the hall on a large plasma screen for operators and maintenance,

kwadrat the ability to generate reports from statistical analyzes of alarms, waveforms, etc.


Scope of work: 

kwadrat design,

kwadrat software,

kwadrat commissioning.


Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:

kwadrat visualization based on: 1 computer WebServer, 5 WebClient computers in Ethernet network,

kwadrat visualization modules: Alarm List, Extended Trend, Generator Report, Industrial Performance Analyzer,

kwadrat 26 MOXA converters, 

kwadrat 1 X20CP0201 controller , 2 stations distributed in the X2X (B & R) network, RS232 / Ethernet, PVI protocol,

kwadrat communication with 2 IPC5000C industrial computers (B & R) in Ethernet/ PVI protocol,

kwadrat communication with 23 series of 2000 CP476 and CP570 controllers (B & R) in the RS232 / Ethernet network, PVI protocol,

kwadrat communication with 1 Sigma Air Manager via the Siemens S5 controller in the Ethernet network, ISO on TCP protocol,

kwadrat communication with 3 integrated York control boards, 2 N13 network parameter meters, 1 temperature recorder in RS485 / Ethernet network, Modbus RTU protocol.


List of controlled, control and measuring devices: 

kwadrat 300 binary signals,

kwadrat 1500 analog signals.