Water management

The water ozonation station control system performs the following tasks:

kwadrat maintenance of appropriate- resulting from the technology of air parameters for pre-ozonization (temperature, humidity, pressure) – for both initial and intermediate ozonation,

kwadrat maintaining the appropriate ozone concentration in the pipeline supplying water to consumers,

kwadrat warning system that warns about exceeding the ozone concentration in water and in the air in the control room,

kwadrat the use of separate controllers for the main devices (ozone generators and dryers) ensures more reliable operation of the entire water ozonation station.

Scope of work:

kwadrat design,

kwadrat software,

kwadrat commissioning

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:

kwadrat 1 Schneider M340 central controller,

kwadrat 5 Schneider M340 sub controllers,

kwadrat 1 HMI graphic terminal – Schneider Electric touchscreen operator panel,

kwadrat remote access to the PLC and touch panel.

List of controlled and measuring devices, control devices:

kwadrat 150 binary signals,

kwadrat 30 analog signals,

kwadrat 4 software PID controllers,

kwadrat 6 motors with direct drive,

kwadrat 4 temperature measurement systems,

kwadrat 8 pressure measuring systems,

kwadrat 2 humidity measurement systems.