Stacje ładowanie samochodów elektrycznych
ISO 9001:2015

HIGH Series (to be ordered)

HIGH series includes the controllers characterised by the highest number of incorporated I/O with screw terminals. And this series gives greatest I/O expansion possibilities.

kwadrat  speed: 83 ns/step,
kwadrat  memory: 15 000 steps / 200kB,
kwadrat  communication – RS-232C, RS-485,
kwadrat  real-time clock (RTC),
kwadrat  16 to 32 digital inputs,
kwadrat  16 to 32 digital outputs – PNP, NPN or relay types,
kwadrat  expansion possibilities: analog I/O,
kwadrat  8 fast counters (4x100kHz + 4x20kHz),
kwadrat  I/O maximum expansion possibilities – 384 points,
kwadrat  expansion – 10 expansion modules – I/O, communication, special,
kwadrat  pulse positioning up to 2 axes (DN and DP only),
kwadrat  power supply: 230VAC or 24VDC.

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