Sinexcel AHF 15/25/35/50/60/75/100/150A active filters

AHF active filter receives from current transformers a signal related to the present load level, and analyses distortion current level using FFT. On the grounds of signal analysis the filter generates into the grid a distortion current in the opposite phase and same amplitude, with a response time below 5ms, to ensure compensation of distortions produced by nonlinear loads, which draw fast-changing current.

kwadrat  modular and compact design,
kwadrat  flexible solution, allowing for installation in networks with big distortions of currents and voltages,
kwadrat  maximum supply voltage: 456V,
kwadrat  harmonic compensation of 2nd to 50th order,
kwadrat  possibility of filter system expansion by adding parallel modules,
kwadrat  the unit allows for harmonic filtering, 50Hz reactive power compensation and load balancing,
kwadrat  advanced computational algorithms ensure that the device recognizes grid impedance value and predicts resonance frequencies,
kwadrat  intuitive control panel for viewing actual parameter values and device parametrization,
kwadrat  4” control panel (optionally 7” to control parallel operation of modules),
kwadrat  stepless reactive power compensation.