LS control panels – iXP2 series

LSIS has introduced a new series of control panels to the market. The iXP2 series is dedicated to all solutions that require the highest quality devices and innovative functionality. Panels can be successfully used in any industry. The quality of workmanship and the use of quality materials, i.e. aluminum casing, capacitive touch screen covered with tempered glass, allowed to meet the NEMA 4X standard and the IECEx, ATEX, KCs certification. These panels can be used outdoors or indoors. They are protected against dust caused by wind and rain, water splashes, water jets and corrosion. They are also resistant to damages caused by ice on the outside of the cabinet. Under the tempered glass LS used modern matrices with a resolution of 1024 × 768 and 16.7 million colors with LED backlight. The panels are available in sizes 8.4 “, 10.4″, 12.1 ” and 15″.

The crucial part of the panel is a dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz, whose computing power ensures very fast communication, data processing and support for many innovative features known so far from mobile devices. The functions referred to are multi-touch, gesture support, dual screen and portrait mode that facilitate navigation and operation to a large extent. Applying them, we can limit the number of active graphics on synoptics and, for example, support trends more easily and efficiently. The panels are equipped with two independent 1Gb and 100Mb network adapters thanks to which we have unlimited integration possibilities. The panels also include RS-232C and RS-422/485 serial interfaces. The use of a multitude of interfaces, communication drivers as well as OPC UA Client gives the possibility of communicating panels with the majority of devices and PLC controllers of other manufacturers available on the market (including Siemens, Mitsubishi, GE, Delta, Lenze, Omron, Schneider, Yaskawa, Yokogawa , Fatec, Beckhoff, and others). LSIS panels also have the option of connecting to other PLC simulators (including S7-PLCSIM, Rockwell Automation PLC simulator, RSLogix, GX Simulator).

An interesting fact is also the presence of the HDMI port, which gives the possibility to duplicate or create a dedicated screen for an external device. Thanks to this, you can create, for example, a process preview in the control room, the office of process engineers or quality control. The HDMI output is also supported by an audio output designed for connecting an external loudspeaker. The free XP-Builder software tool gives you the ability to handle many languages, recipes, schedules, system logs and user logos, alarms, open external files (eg PDF), send e-mails and support scripting. The software has been equipped with the necessary XP-Simulator simulator. We also have XP-Server software for communicating the panel with the database and XP-Remote, thanks to which we can control and monitor the panel screen remotely from the PC. LSIS in its’ new product and development of the tool environment has set a new quality standard for HMI interfaces in its’ offer.
Technical specification of the iXP2 family