Roofing felt production line

The technological line realizes the control of drives of the roof felt production line:

kwadrat implementation of control of 7 driving sections of lines in master-slave mode with concurrent angles and in master-follower mode with division of loads,
kwadrat precise coordination of drive section work,
kwadrat support for material feeding mode, manual and automatic mode.

Scope of work:
kwadrat design,
kwadrat software,
kwadrat commissioning

Used PLC controllers, terminals, communication, visualization systems:
kwadrat 1 S7-315-2DP central driver,
kwadrat distributed structure of inputs / outputs on the site – 1 station on PROFIBUS DP in the desktop,
kwadrat 7 text OP77B operator panels,
kwadrat 1 MP270 touch operator terminal,
kwadrat DCS800 DC drives with encoder cards, controlled via Profibus DP.

List of controlled and measuring devices, control devices:
kwadrat 115 binary signals,
kwadrat 36 analog signals,
kwadrat 14 DC motors with adjustable speed,
kwadrat functions of angle concurrency and load sharing between drives,
kwadrat 4 measuring compensators.