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ANIRO awarded the Forbes Diamonds – Confirmation of effectiveness and business success

We are pleased to inform you that ANIRO was among the winners of the prestigious ranking: Forbes Diamonds 2023.

This prestigious award is given annually to companies that have successfully increased their value over the last three years. Being included in the Forbes Diamonds ranking is proof of the effectiveness in building a strong brand and increasing business value, which is a real challenge in the current global economic crisis.

We are also very happy that this week we had the opportunity to receive an official certificate confirming our position as the winner of this prestigious award.

The Forbes Diamond List is compiled by Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. using the Swiss method of valuation of companies, which combines the asset and income approach. The data used for this purpose is collected by the Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o.o., which creates databases of enterprises and grants them a positive credibility rating. Companies that meet certain conditions, such as positive financial results and the value of equity, can apply for a place on the Forbes Diamonds list. Companies that achieved sales revenues of at least PLN 5 million in the past year are also taken into consideration.

It is worth noting that the valuation of Forbes Diamonds 2023 is based on official data from 2017-2021. The analysis takes into account, among others, the following indicators: sales level, net profit, value of fixed assets, inventory level, receivables and value of investment outlays.

We are proud of this award and the fact that we can now officially boast the Forbes Diamonds 2023 certificate. We see it as a confirmation of our achievements to date and as an incentive to further develop and improve our services. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers to maintain our position as one of the leaders in our industry.